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Pilates Class Guidelines

We run friendly and motivating Pilates classes. The following guidelines are promoted to ensure each client realises the greatest potential benefits from their efforts and commitment.

Everyone is different

It is quite normal that each individual may not do a movement in exactly the same way. It is important not to judge yourself based on someone else's position but rather how you feel.

Feel the movement

Pilates is unlike other forms of exercise where equipment is used to do the exercise; your posture, body position is what creates the exercise. This may be a new concept for many people so let the instructor know if you don’t feel you are “getting it”. A slight adjustment can make all the difference.

Know your limits

Some people will be advised to avoid certain exercises due to underlying conditions and will be given another exercise to do instead.

Let's talk about it

Questions about an exercise or posture are welcomed throughout the class.

Avoid Pain

You must alert your instructor if any exercise is painful for you. We can assess and adjust accordingly.

Be comfortable

You are advised to wear loose fitting clothing that you can move freely in.


Our Pilates classes are floor and mat based with the use of only light toning weights and fitness circles to provide some resistance.

Mat work places more emphasis on the person doing the movements correctly under their own initiative without the interference of machines or larger equipment aids.

Having to maintain balance and coordination using only your own body weight allows a more effective grading of each exercise and ultimately achieves balanced stability and mobility.

Everything you learn in class can be practiced at home. 'Homework' is encouraged by the instructor for supporting individual progress.

Mats and light equipment are provided but clients are welcome to bring their own mats if desired.

We look forward to seeing you in class.


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