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Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy

In a recent article on integrative medicine Vitamin D, pointed out to be a hormone actually, has been found to have powerfully beneficial influence on our health, if present in sufficient quantities that is.

A deficiency of Vitamin D during pregnancy and early childhood is claimed to be linked with juvenile diabetes, childhood asthma, and autism. But how do we ensure we are taking enough?

You've most likely heard that vitamin D is gained from sunshine exposure. This presents a challenge for us here in Ireland. When the sun does shine many of us will follow cautious guidelines by lathering ourselves in sun ray blocking sunscreen. While we are importantly protecting ourselves from potential risks of skin cancer we are also preventing our bodies from creating the required levels of vitamin D.

We spoke about vitamin D intake in another article on our Pilates blog about winter health and Dr Mike (whose videos we like) recommended 700-1000iu supplementation but stressed the optimal dosage is still unknown. In this article Dr. Soram Khalsa recommends up to 2000iu, so no definitive dosage exists it seems but the point about vitamin D being such an important supplement is very clear, if not getting enough sunlight.

Here is Dr. Soram Khalsa's

five recommendations to minimize your risk of chronic degenerative disease:

- Keep your body mass index (BMI) under 25.

- Exercise 30 minutes daily (or 3.5 hours weekly).

- Emphasize a diet of plant-based whole foods and reduce your meat consumption.

- Take vitamin D -- 2,000 IU per day, if it's okay with your doctor.

- Find some type of "centering" practice to keep yourself mentally and emotionally centred -for example, yoga, meditation or tai chi.

Read the full article here on the The Huffpost

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