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“Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” ~Edward Stanley

Why Pilates Can Help You Achieve Good Posture

By ‘good posture’ I am referring to the way in which we carry our bodies in everyday life. The saying ‘we become what we practise’ is just as relevant for our physical condition as it is for every aspect of life. In this article I make my case for why a regular Pilates practise will help you develop good posture and add significant health benefit long into our older age.

How good posture is sabotaged

Let’s pick a familiar topic we can all relate to - the art of ‘sitting’

The modern lifestyle generally includes a lot of sitting either at the desk in front of our computers or in the car. I think it is fair to assume that 6-8 hour stretches in front of the computer each day are quite common. What other physical activity can we dedicate so much time and dedication in daily practise? The problem with this ‘activity’ is our body, particularly our posture, is ‘becoming what we practise’ - that is a learned body position which typically is not a healthy one. The spine is under constant strain from our heads tilted forward and shoulders hunched over. The long term result is poor posture and a high risk of developing postural related pain and problems down the line.

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Myth - Overweight And Healthy

In a previous article I wrote about the concept of metabolically healthy obesity - where some overweight or obese individuals somehow appear to avoid the dangerous metabolic changes associated with weight-gain.

More recent news published on the BBC website disputes this idea suggesting this concept is a myth. Based on findings of a study involving more than 60'000 people suggests that even if an obese person has normal levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar there may be other underlying risk factors which worsen over time, with particular risk of heart disease.

Regardless of which side of this story you believe the universally accepted benefits of regular exercise applies to everyone. Being more physically active can be challenging for overweight people. Carrying excess weight can cause other risk factors such as joint damage and postural imbalances which may result in many other undesirable problems.

Exercise does not have to be overly intense and in fact it is strongly recommended not to be, especially for overweight individuals - favouring gentle, low intensity activity repeated on a regular basis for best long term health benefits.

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Housework, Posture, Drugs & Pilates

Do you consider the daily housework chores to count towards your weekly exercise tally? Many people apparently do too but it appears the risk is high for overestimating the activity level achieved from the daily vacuuming or cleaning, so indicates one report.

A study following 4000 people revealed 43% believed they met or exceeded the NHS guidelines on exercise needs each week, counting short 10min bursts of housework as moderate to vigorous activity. The study suggests that those who counted housework towards their weekly exercise commitment were not in as good shape or fit as those who did other types of exercise.

So, maybe housework isn't a good enough replacement of a walk around the park or an hour in the Pilates studio.

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Make It Fun And It Will Make Us Move

With already near 20 million views on YouTube this one is worth a watch. It's amazing to see how people's behaviours can be changed by simple changes to their environment. Not just any changes mind you but fun ones.


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Movember For Men's Health

We're half way through the month of Movember, the month of campaigning for men's health. Are you, or do you know someone, running in tomorrow's (16th November) Mo Run in Phoenix park? Good luck to all!

A Canadian Doc known as Dr Mike has scripted another catchy short-video in support of Movember.

Dr Mike says that his special medicine can cure low back pain and fatigue, reduce the symptoms of knee arthritis, depression and stress, even reduce the effects of Alzheimers by 50%, not to mention significantly reducing one's risk for cardiovascular disease.

Dr Mike shares a view on each man's unique way of cashing in on this special medicine.

Please share with all male friends.


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Best Way To Calculate My Ideal Healthy Weight?

Are you confused about what your 'normal' weight should be? With all the media attention lately about rising obesity levels and related diseases there is an increasing interest in the health benefits of regular exercise and achieving our ideal body weight.

As is so common with general health related advice the information and recommendations provided are generalised, a sort of one size fits all approach for the wider population.

This is understandable of course because only after an individual assessment could advice be tailored very specifically. So we end up with data models and tools that point us in the right direction and give us a sense of right from wrong. Often though we must then explore the topic further to discover the more accurate relevance in our own lives and for our unique bodies.

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Is Weight Gain Grounds For Divorce?

According to one couple who were profiled pregnancy is the only acceptable reason for weight gain and significant weight gain is grounds for divorce.

Has your spouse's weight gain been a cause for concern lately? If you're conflicted with your emotions about this one here is insight into differing views from an article over on Huffpost.

The reader comments in response to this article tells us that like so many other arguments this one is no different - you're going to sit on one side of the fence or the other and it's interesting to hear the varied views.

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Doctors Lack Confidence in Treating Obesity

In a survey of 500 GP's and family doctors only 44% claimed success in helping obese patients lose weight, expressing that they need additional training. 

Obesity is becoming a big problem both sides of the Atlantic and if it is not our GP's who will solve the entire problem then it will have to be other professionals such as nutritionists and exercise professionals to fill the skills gap.
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Designed To Move

"Today's 10 year olds are the first generation expected to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents."

Scary! There is a movement stirring to ensure we provide the right platform and motivation for our future generations and the wake up call is very relevant to the current generation too. Here is wonderfully presented website displaying some hard truths.

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The Risks of Inactivity

couch-potatoeCouch potatoes and sedentary lifestyles, neither a particularly wise choice for your health - a topic having gained much attention in the media recently.

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