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“Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” ~Edward Stanley

Simple Exercise To Help Prevent Back Pain In Pregnancy

Many women experience back pain or stiffness at some point during their pregnancy. Lorraine recently published 10 Top Tips To Cope With Back & Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy and so I wanted to complement her advice by offering some further specific exercises.

The following movement is a really lovely exercise for both mum and baby, loosening out mum’s back and the baby gets to enjoy the rocking motion. This exercise moves all parts of the spine safely. It also can be a comfortable position during labour and aid the baby to move down through the birth canal.

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Pilates Classes Dublin - New Term Start 17th February 2014

about-pilatesWe have just published our latest Pilates course schedule.

In previous terms we have not been able to accommodate all the interest in our courses. As promised, we have reviewed our schedule and have managed to squeeze in another two beginner-level classes.

We will always be restricted by the number of classes we can run each week for two reasons

  1. Our instructors are full-time Chartered Physiotherapists
  2. Limited availability of the studio because we also use it as a downstairs consultation room

We have also combined the advanced-beginner and improver level to be able to offer you a smoother progression path. When you reach a suitable level of proficiency in your Pilates practise and would clearly benefit from moving up to a more advanced level you will then be invited by your instructor to progress to the 'improver' level.

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Pregnancy Symptoms - INFOGRAPHIC

Are you swamped by an array of physical occurences to your body?

Maybe you are pregnant!?

Here is an infographic displaying potential pregnancy symptoms and a brief description of each to help raise awareness. 

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Body Transformation Through Pregnancy

We focus great importance on Pregnancy health with exercise being a crucial factor supported through our pregnancy Pilates classes. The changes a woman's body endures through the stages of pregnancy is quite incredible. In this post we share a graphical roadmap of these physical changes.

We love a good infographic; the visual display of graphically enhanced information is somehow more engaging and impactful.

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How Much Weight Should I Put On In Pregnancy

I'm going through the stage when some of my friends and family members are having babies. I am therefore more aware of the weight gain dilemma faced by the mums pre and post birth. I happened to stumble across a few related articles in the news recently so thought I'd share a few tips here.

Firstly, the idea of being overweight during pregnancy has to be clarified. Of course you will be over your normal weight – you're carrying a growing foetus inside of you. This raises a few necessary observations

  1. Were you at your normal weight before becoming pregnant?
  2. Are you aware of what your particular weight gain range should be during pregnancy?

Considering the first question...

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Childbirth Linked to Development of Chronic Pain?

Actually no, quite the opposite according to a study from the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). Biological changes after childbirth may prevent the development of pain. Researchers are investigating the hormone linked to a protecting mechanism in mothers around the time of childbirth and how this could support faster healing in other surgical procedures.

Chronic pain is challenging condition but a relief to see that physical injuries sustained during childbirth are highly unlikely to develop into longer term chronic pain. The study suggests only 1.8% of the women who suffered pain at the time of delivery still had pain 6 months later and only 0.3% of women with pain beginning at the time of delivery had pain at 12 months.

The referenced article describes how researchers are trying to establish greater understanding of this protecting mechanism in pregnant mothers and what it could do for preventing chronic pain in other conditions.

Read the full article at Newswise

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Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy

In a recent article on integrative medicine Vitamin D, pointed out to be a hormone actually, has been found to have powerfully beneficial influence on our health, if present in sufficient quantities that is.

A deficiency of Vitamin D during pregnancy and early childhood is claimed to be linked with juvenile diabetes, childhood asthma, and autism. But how do we ensure we are taking enough?

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Are Antidepressants Safe During Pregnancy

The referenced article and joint report suggests almost a quarter of all pregnant women will suffer at least one depressive episode. A substantial study acknowledges that pregnant women taking anti-depressants did have higher rates of still birth and infant death however one of the study's co-author goes on to claim this was due to other health factors and not the medication. 
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A Physio's Pregnancy Pain

This is dedicated to all those expectant mums to be...I just wanted to share my own personal experience with you with regards pelvic pain and pregnancy.

During the Christmas holiday period I accidentally tripped up one step, a very minor incident but enough no doubt to trigger left sided pain in the very low part of my back and into my left buttocks. Thinking and hoping as we all do - "oh this will just go away". So days went by and I was very uncomfortable moving about, walking was difficult and painful, turning in bed, getting out of bed, lifting and attending to my very active 20 month old was proving to be very sore and really aggravating my symptoms.

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Pregnancy Pilates Update

Pregnancy Pilates Classes After 31 October

Our “Moving Matters!” prenatal Pilates campaign, supporting pregnant women with free professional exercise instruction, has been a success so far and I've really enjoyed teaching the classes and meeting all the pregnant mums to be.

How are the pregnancy classes different?

The classes run differently from the regular Pilates, not simply because of pregnancy specific exercises but also due to the fact that each participant is expecting and are able to share experiences of the joys and challenges during the class.

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