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Pregnancy Pilates Update

Pregnancy Pilates Classes After 31 October

Our “Moving Matters!” prenatal Pilates campaign, supporting pregnant women with free professional exercise instruction, has been a success so far and I've really enjoyed teaching the classes and meeting all the pregnant mums to be.

How are the pregnancy classes different?

The classes run differently from the regular Pilates, not simply because of pregnancy specific exercises but also due to the fact that each participant is expecting and are able to share experiences of the joys and challenges during the class.

We take a break half way through the class to give the arms a rest from the demands of supporting the extra body weight. During this time the class will generally chat amongst each other, sharing their views and feelings about their own pregnancies. For first time pregnant mums it appears almost like a mini support network where they find some relief in hearing about others coping with similar challenges. We pick a different 'Fact of the week' where we've discussed topics such as dizziness, the importance of upper limb strength as well as the general benefits of exercise during pregnancy.

The exercise focus

The exercise class is mainly Pilates based with a strong emphasis on recruiting pelvic floor and core stability muscles. These muscle groups are put under pressure during pregnancy due to increasing size of the baby and are important to maintain good back health. These exercises also help prevent some common 'women's health issues' that can develop pre and post childbirth.

The class is led through a warm up which focuses on recruiting the pelvic floor and core muscle as well as warming up large muscle groups in the arms, legs and back.

Following the warm up, the class intensity progresses to get the heart rate up and works on strengthening arms and legs as well as encouraging strength and stability though the spine. This is particularly important as women will spend a lot of time bent forward with their new-borns in their arms. Therefore upper limb strength and stability in the upper back is a strong focus of each class.

Following clinical guidelines for exercise during pregnancy, changing positions regularly is important to avoid prolonged strain on any one area. This also helps target all major muscle groups as well as varying the work out. Positions adopted during the routine are standing, sitting, side lying and seated on a gym ball.

Future pregnancy Pilates schedule

We have now completed the 6th week of our “Moving Matters!” campaign and a busy week it was. We have only one week left of the no-cost offered pregnancy classes. The last class will be on Wednesday 31st October 2012.

The weekly Wednesday evening class between 6-7pm will continue from 7th November returning to normal paid for service on a drop in basis. However, we are happy to announce we will offer this service at a 50% discount from the usual €20 per class fee, at only €10 per class, payable by cheque or cash on attendance.

We intend to run this offer until after Christmas 2012.


can be made here - Pregnancy drop in class booking form

I really look forward to seeing the regular and new faces in the upcoming classes and wish all those expecting in the very near future all the very best.

Take care,
Katie Gill.

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