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“Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” ~Edward Stanley

Moving Matters!


I am excited to announce that we have just launched a health initiative aimed at pregnant women within our community - a free pregnancy Pilates class, offered weekly.

We are calling it 'Moving Matters', based on the principle that exercise during pregnancy is important, safe and offers evidence based health benefits according to the most up to date guidelines. I was pregnant myself last year and was surprised to discover that so much anxiety still exists around the topic of exercising during pregnancy.

The Offer

A weekly pregnancy Pilates class, at no cost, that will improve body awareness and teach safe and beneficial exercise movements to practise almost anywhere.


My primary aim is to help raise awareness of how simple it is to adopt a safe and highly beneficial movement routine into the daily lives of pregnant women. Exercises learnt in class are easily practised at home.

Secondly, I will ask participants to complete a short online survey following the class and this will give me a better understanding of the exercise habits/beliefs of pregnant women in our community which will help improve our services to women during pregnancy with regards Pilates and Physiotherapy in the future.

Expert Instruction

The Pilates instructor leading the classes is a Chartered Physiotherapist specially trained in Women's Health and pregnancy Pilates.

Please help support this initiative by sharing this news. It is absolutely free with no catch and offers a simple, yet valuable, opportunity for pregnant mums to be to learn how to take a positive step towards improving their health during this important time.

Book Your Place

Booking your place for one of our classes is easy - visit our webpage Moving Matters!

In good health!


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