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“Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” ~Edward Stanley

Minimise Golf Injuries With Pilates

Pilates seems to be the ideal exercise system for golfers even though your average Pilates class focus is non-golf specific. Pilates is good for you because it is a system focused on total-body conditioning with an emphasis on core strength. Your core is more than simply your stomach muscles but rather all of the important stabilisers throughout your torso from pelvis to upper back. A strong and flexible core is an essential requirement for minimising injury risks in golf.

If you are already managing minor injuries or strains as a result of your golf practise then you will want to join a Pilates class that is led by an expert in musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation. The benefits of Pilates led by a Physiotherapist are numerous especially for people less confident with their physical ability due to injury or pain.

Overuse injuries are the most common in the game of golf. Not getting enough rest is one cause and the other being the repetitive nature of certain movements. The golf swing is the fundamental movement and therefore will be repeated many times during a single game. Simon addresses the issues associated with overuse in golf in his popular article - Golf Flexibility, The Golf Swing & Common Injuries

Two key points from Simon’s article explains (1) the risks involved in the changing emphasis from a shoulder plus hips rotation to one where hips remain static with a larger range of motion through the upper shoulder and (2) injuries to the lower back being the most common type sustained.

A golfer favours one side of the other - either a left or right handed swing. The repetitive nature of the golf swing means there is a good chance of developing uneven muscle strength and imbalances which potentially lead to injury. To counter these negative effects a regular exercise and conditioning programme should be followed. In this article I wanted to point out the obvious benefits of a regular Pilates workout for the golfer, specifically for the maintenance of a strong, flexible and balanced core.

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