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“Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” ~Edward Stanley

MSc, BSc Hons, DipMedAc, MISCP
Simon holds a Master of Science Degree in Physiotherapy and is a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. A post graduate Diploma in Medical Acupuncture entitles him to accredited membership of the British Medical Acupuncture Society. Simon specialises in the integration of medical acupuncture techniques with manual therapy and therapeutic exercise for the treatment of musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction.

Latest Pilates Term Schedule Published - July 2013

Pilates has many benefits and is the ideal exercise system for helping you maintain a strong, flexible and stable body. Our classes cater for beginner to advanced capabilities and can form part of a progressive injury rehabilitation programme.

If you have been waiting to join one of our Dublin Pilates Classes our new term begins  and you can choose your class here - Join A Class

If you are not sure what level is best for you our Pilates class level descriptions will help.

If you have any questions for Katie or Paula please drop us your query using the contact form here.

We look forward to seeing you in class. 

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Simon Coghlan Chartered Physiotherapist - MSc, BSc Hons, DipMedAc, MISCP
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Exercising Safely With Arthritis

The ultimate goal for any treatment plan of an arthritic condition is to reduce pain, prevent further damage or inflammation and improve the function of the affected joint/s. Careful exercise and appropriate movements can be highly effective in helping arthritis sufferers cope with their condition.

Despite a joint being affected by arthritis it is still perfectly capable to perform as is physically required as long as it is given the right care and conditioning. The previous history of the affected joint, such as any injuries and given treatment, will play a significant role in future rehabilitation planning. For a more detailed look at symptomatic assessment and treatment options see recent article - Coping With Arthritis  And Our Treatment Approach

It is also quite possible that you may have to adjust certain physical habits you may have with regards how you perform everyday tasks.

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Pilates For Injury Prevention And Rehabilitation

When professional sports teams and athletes take up a specific exercise programme you know it has to be something worthwhile doing.

Pilates has seen significant growth in popularity over recent years and for good reason. As a low-impact routine which does not cause excessive strain to the joints - inflammation and overuse syndromes can be avoided. It is ideal as part of a cross training exercise approach.

How can Pilates prevent injury 

Pilates has a strong focus on the core muscles but doesn't neglect the rest of the body either. Nearly all movements initiate from the core and therefore better core strength enables greater control and balance of movement.

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Doctors Lack Confidence in Treating Obesity

In a survey of 500 GP's and family doctors only 44% claimed success in helping obese patients lose weight, expressing that they need additional training. 

Obesity is becoming a big problem both sides of the Atlantic and if it is not our GP's who will solve the entire problem then it will have to be other professionals such as nutritionists and exercise professionals to fill the skills gap.
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Are Antidepressants Safe During Pregnancy

The referenced article and joint report suggests almost a quarter of all pregnant women will suffer at least one depressive episode. A substantial study acknowledges that pregnant women taking anti-depressants did have higher rates of still birth and infant death however one of the study's co-author goes on to claim this was due to other health factors and not the medication. 
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Are You Still a Smoker?

Since the smoking ban was introduced by the Tobacco Smoking (Prohibition) Regulations 2003 there has be a noticeable decline in the number of smokers. Despite this and the wealth of knowledge and information available about the risks smoking poses to health including the tougher restrictions on sale and promotion of cigarettes there are still many have not kicked the habit. 

Are you one of them and wish you could?
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Suffering Insomnia - Cause and Effect

insomnia-dogGetting enough good quality sleep - we all know how important it is. When we're deprived even slightly on a regular basis it feels like it negatively affects everything we do. I've had my fair share of sleepless nights over the past year (new baby) so didn't miss the opportunity to listen to a recent podcast by Dr Mike called 'Insomnia Cause & Effect'

Here's what I got out of it and the surprising best treatment for it. 

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Being Mindful During Pregnancy

Back in my mother's pregnancy days she claimed to have simply got on with her pregnancy without being bombarded with advice about what to do and what not to do. Some of the stories she tells me is scary for today's standards of our super cautious society. But a lot has changed since her day, knowledge and research has progressed significantly and today's mums to be are subjected to different environmental stresses and worries.

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Keeping Fit & Healthy Over Winter

The common cold, nasty flu, dry skin, vitamin D deficiency, Season Affective Disorder (SAD) or simply the perils of increased inactivity are all threats facing us during the cold and wet winter months. Here is a quick overview of some of the tips and recommendations I've stumbled across in numerous articles recently.

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