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Are Antidepressants Safe During Pregnancy

The referenced article and joint report suggests almost a quarter of all pregnant women will suffer at least one depressive episode. A substantial study acknowledges that pregnant women taking anti-depressants did have higher rates of still birth and infant death however one of the study's co-author goes on to claim this was due to other health factors and not the medication. Many of the reader comments lean towards disbelief of such claims and scream 'Big Pharma' doesn't want us to know that healthy foods are more effective.

Further studies are referenced that offer a counter argument to the safety of SSRI's (anti-depressants) but it seems only to try and appear neutral in part. Although, for mild symptoms they do recommend considering non-pharmalogical treatments to avoid any risk to the fetus but then close saying that patients with moderate to severe symptoms can feel confident in the safety of SSRI's. ??

If this is a subject on your mind at present you may find this article interesting. Do scroll to the bottom to catch all the reader comments which can be just as insightful.

Read the full article here - huffpost...

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