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Feedback from our Pilates Clients


Five minutes with client Emma Coburn

(Rialto, Dublin 8)

How does our particular Pilates style suit you?

Katie is a fantastic instructor,she doesn't just 'turn up' to teach the class, but teaches the class with great enthusiasm, knowledge, attention to each person in the class and humour.  I definitely have her to thank for a great introduction to Pilates.


How do you feel about your individual progress so far?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Pilates classes and started to feel the benefits of it even from the first week.


Can you describe two things you value most about our Pilates service?

I think that it's the class size and the quality of the instruction that has been a big factor in my enjoyment and progress.


Five minutes with client Carmel Marrinan

(Mount Merrion, Co Dublin)

How does our particular Pilates style suit you?

What I absolutely love about Mount Merrion Physio Pilates is that all the instructors are highly qualified Physiotherapists and the classes are small, limited to 6. Katie our lovely instructor makes absolutely sure that you understand the principal of each movement and that you do it correctly. This is so important and one often over looked by other larger classes as i experienced before I found this class. I was in a class with a qualified Pilates instructor but not a Physiotherapist, the class had a least 12 people in it and even though i informed the instructor about my back problem she made no allowances for the individual. My back got much worse so I left the course .In these classes the instructor will explain, show and then check to see if you have managed the technique, so reassuring.


How do you feel about your individual progress so far?

I am delighted with the results. My back has never been better. I never thought I could be this good. I feel generally stronger, taller! (from better posture) and a big bonus my clothes actually fit better!. Also importantly because of the explanations in the Pilates class about muscle groups I find in my day to day living I am aware of my movements for example when lifting something or twisting in the car , I now use my core muscles instinctively. So the benefits are vast.


Can you describe two things you value most about our Pilates service?

I feel there is a genuine interest in each persons needs and progress in the class. And because its is also a Physiotherapy Clinic you have the added benefit of a team effort. And finally while the class is seriously focused on improvement it is always fun! I am totally committed to continuing and would highly recommended Mount Merrion Physio Pilates.



Some much appreciated feedback from a few of our Pilates clients...


I very much enjoy the Pilates classes, the physiotherapist is a fantastic teacher, also enthusiastic, sympathetic, confident and skilled. My leg and back pain have dramatically improved. I have continued with the classes because of the results I have achieved and have also recommended them to friends.

Mrs. M.N., West Dublin

The class is very enjoyable, full of variety and adapted to individual level of ability, with excellent tuition.

Ms. L.C., Blackrock, Co. Dublin

I enjoyed the classes very much and found them very good. They were well run and of great benefit to my body and most importantly have improved my golf swing! The venue was great as I live nearby and there was no problem parking.

Mr. R.T. Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin

I have found these Pilates classes very useful in managing my symptoms, I have much less pain since commencing the Pilates programme.

Mrs P.L. Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin


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